Entering data for a new case

To enter data for a new case, choose Forms from the main menu. There will be about ten menu items listed. Some will be grayed out, meaning that they do not currently apply to the case being entered. Start at the top of the list of forms and choose each one that is not grayed out. A form will pop up each time you make a choice from the list of menu items. Enter the appropriate data in each box and click on OK.

If you make a mistake, a warning box will pop up and describe the error. When you click OK in the warning box, you will be returned to the form to correct your error.

After you have gone down the list of forms and entered all your data, choose File from the main menu. Select Calculate Estimate to calculate the Social Security benefit. The results will appear on the screen. (You may have to scroll down the screen to see all of the results.)

To print the results, choose File from the main menu and select Print.